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Beautiful hair is among the most significant factors or qualities of a ladies feeling of attractiveness and idividuality. No question as to why hair contiunes to be referred to as the crowing glory on any women. Therefore its really crucial to understand that espcecially women of all ages are constantly desiring to style their locks and tend after their mane. Certainly attractive , shimmering and glossy hair is more often that not a result of plenty of loving  attention and nourishment. Weather we are dressing up for a special event or in our yoga pants running our motherly errands our hair is what definds us at times. Hair is our crowns that we never take off and most of the time it is the first thing someone notices about a person. Unfortunatley millions of men and women suffer with various types of hair conditions resulting in the most extreme cases- hair loss. This can have a debilitating effect emotionally, especially on women. 

We have built a reputation for providing more than professional services but also for providing an atmosphere that ensures the comfort of all men and women with out the discrimination of hair type or condition. At Shear Artisan Salon we provide unique treatments and services that can not be found in your average salon. From curly to straight, thick to thin and everything in between, we pride ourselves in offering education of complete hair and scalp health so that the average man or women whom may have not be blessed with healthy locks may have the comfort of knowing we are here to bring you hope with a realistic solution to hair loss and hair aging.  By providing a more clinical grade treatment option into the salon atmosphere we can offer you more options to assit your individual needs.  Our passion is your hope and we look forward to bringing you solace and peace with real solutions.

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The Shear Difference....


Hello! My name is Jennifer Hope and I have been in the salon industry for over 10 years. I have made a personal commitment to ensuring that all of my guests  feel their most beautiful and confident. I make it a personal goal to ensure that together, we can guide you in the right direction to healthier, thicker, more radiant hair. As a XTC Healthy Hair and Hair Loss Specialist, Master Stylist and Colorist, I will be able to assist you with all of your hair care needs. As a sufferer of hereditary hair loss (Androgenetic Alopecia), I understand on a personal level not only the physical,  but also the devastation and emotional effects hair loss can have on ones overall self confidence and well being.  After much trial and error, I finally found a healthy, safe alternative to have your own thicker, healthier hair with a series of unique treatments. My personal results have been astonishing! Never having any luck before with Rogaine or Nioxin, I found that the  XTC Hair Growth System truly works. I am so ecstatic to be able to help others like me, and to give them hope with a real solution to their hair loss. The sense of satisfaction that I get when a guest feels confident, and beautiful with their own healthier hair is one of the best feelings in the world! My passion is for making guests comfortable, and welcome as they sit back and relax in my chair. Immediately, clients become more than just guests to me, they become family. I pride myself on working with each individual client in what we are trying to achieve for your most ideal style and look, as well as prescribing the best treatment regimen. I understand what you're going through, and am here to help in any way that I can.


You don't have to just live with your hair loss! There is a real solution!

Together we can achieve the hair you dream of!


Blessings Of Beautiful, Thicker, Healthier Hair

Jennifer Hope

Jennifer Hope

Owner/ Hair Artisan

Master Colorist & Certified Healthy Hair & Hair Loss Specialist